Neuroscience as a field is undergoing a rapid phase of development, but there's a very real question about who is getting left behind. If a field progresses without simultaneously increasing general understanding a research debt accrues. If research debt goes unchecked, members of the public and researchers are both likely to suffer: the public will become vulnerable to the pitfalls that result from uninformed decisions where that field affects their lives; likewise funding for certain types of research may suffer as the public devalues work without surface level aesthetics. In the reverse, if public interest grows from understanding, researchers gain exposure and prioritize that. The interplay here benefits both groups tremendously. So how can we trigger this feedback loop? What better way than to put classical & cutting edge content from neuroscience at the public's virtual fingertips.


My name is Devin Bayly, and I'm an undergraduate in the Neuroscience department at the University of Arizona.

I'm originally from Tucson, Arizona, and I completed one year of undergraduate education at Macalester College before spending several years living and working across the country: I was an environmental educator aboard the crew of a historic Tall Ship named the Adventuress ; a librarian at the holistic institute and workshop center known as Omega; a fabricator with a local company known as Creative Machines making civic art.

I returned to University to learn about neuroscience and Brain Computer Interaction, but have since become interested in open software development and visualization for researchers. If you find my work interesting feel free to use the resources to the right to email me or browse my previous work.